Where are you located?

London Ontario based

High-end High-rise building


What should I expect during our appointment together?


When you arrive, we will have a nice conversation on the couch to get to know each other for a few minutes. I offer a beverage of your choice upon arrival.  I will ask you to wash your hands very well with soap, I provide sanitizer afterwards. There is a nice shower facility with Men's organic products here to freshen up as well. I will make you feel comfortable first

and then come the smiles!


Are you discreet about our date?


Absolutely! Discretion is a must. I have a side professional career in the area and I need to keep a low profile as well.  I stay under the radar. I am a private person in all areas of my life. Also, I am not interested in reviews after our time spent together, as I would never analyze and review you. It's just not what I find valuable as information due to everyone having a different experience as a unique individual. I find reviewing a human being after a private personal encounter, just isn't my thing. This is only my personal opinion due to my upbringing and social views. I am sorry, no reviews please.  After our date I will not get involved in your personal life, I expect the same from you. Respect for each other.  Simple, easy.


What's your personal life like?


 I love my life! I am thankful for all I have.  I am single young woman by choice, I have no children. My hobbies include fitness activities, reading and Nature. I have friends I enjoy socializing with, but my circle is positive and few. Drama free and living a happy, balanced life.


Is being a paid companion in Canada illegal?


No. it's not. My time is compensated for and after that arrangement transfer is completed, what we decide to do with our time together is between two consenting adults. There's nothing illegal about having a beverage together and having a good time. I do not discuss exact services over the phone. We can have a talk about everything interesting in person once we meet.

 I am open to suggestions no problem. 


What are some gift ideas you adore If I am feeling Generous?


Thank you! Women's clothing and accessories including.. Lingerie, shirts, jewelry, purses, shoes, pantyhose, and perfume =   I love looking sweet!

Smooth drinking wines


Gift certificates for Salon services, bookstores and restaurant gift cards

I like quality food and company. We can go out and dine together just ask! 


How do I go about making an appointment with you?


Send me a text message stating your name, age plus the day and time of your requested appointment. I will then call you at your convenience when you are alone with no distractions. We will have up to a 10-minute phone conversation to get to know each other. I ask simple questions to get to know you... but pretty much just a normal phone conversation. There is no need to fill out a form on my website.  I will not see a client with a "TEXT APP" I expect your real phone number. I have nothing to hide, neither should you. I do this for my safety, to understand my company.

 I prefer 24 + hours' notice for an appointment date together. However, there is a possibility I am available the day of!  Call me and check in. 


What is the Donation for your time?


$300 per hour

Cash (preferred)

e- transfer 


Are Multiple hours available with you?


Yes. However, our first appointment together must be completed for one hour before I invite to schedule you for another day.


Gentleman, your experience awaits...


Holly Kaine